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All conference contributions will be held in English

10:00 CEST

Welcome Breakfast & Getting together (on-site)

10:15 CEST

Opening by Dr. Michael Durst & Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck

11:30 CEST

Panel 1: The Cyborg Strategy Designer

Claudia Pohlink, Didier Boulet, Bernd Blumoser

11:45 CEST

Coffee Break

13:00 CEST

Panel 2: Better Decisions with AI?

Dr. Susan Wegner, Michael Berns, Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck, Prof. Dr. Michael Grottke

14:00 CEST

Lunch Break (on-site)

15:15 CEST

Panel 3: Democratizing AI?

Vanessa Cann, Dr. Tanja Jovanovic, Sven Göth, Bart de Witte

15:30 CEST

Coffee Break

16:45 CEST

Panel 4: The Now and Future of AI in Foresight and Innovation

Christian Mühlroth, Sven Taubert, Prof. Dr. Sven Schimpf

17:15 CEST

Closing & Wrap-up


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Anica Spieler
Marketing Communication Manager

Our Expert Panels


The Cyborg Strategy Designer

10:15 – 11:30 (CEST)

AI already outperforms humans in certain areas. Where will the human operator remain superior to machines? How can effective collaboration between humans and AI look like when it comes to driving innovation and creating foresight and innovation processes? Let’s take a look at best practices from Telekom, Thales, Audi and other big industry players.


Better Decisions with AI?

11:45 – 13:00 (CEST)

Data-driven decision-making has long been incorporated into today’s business processes. To fully leverage the value contained in data, artificial intelligence can bring the necessary power and reduce uncertainty in complex decision-making processes. What is your opinion? Discuss with renown speakers from PwC, Schiphol Airport and GfK actionable recommendations to improve data analytics.


Democratizing AI?

14:00 – 15:15 (CEST)

AI has long since reached the broad masses of society and business. Which barriers have to be removed so that in the future every organization and every person benefits from AI in the same way? How can the next generation of AI technologists, thinkers and leaders be educated? Leading German AI practitioners will share their thoughts about the status quo and the future of AI in politics, economy, and society.


The Now and Future of AI in Foresight and Innovation

15:30 – 16:45 (CEST)

AI and Machine Learning are likely to change the way companies innovate and grow in the future. How can AI successfully support foresight and innovation? What are already fields of application? Let’s explore how AI adds value to organizations trying to develop new products and services, pursuing efficiency and cutting costs given the ever-changing environment.