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Innovation Management and Crowdsourcing
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Innovation Management Meets Crowdsourcing

„ (…) the world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside.“ – Yochai Benkler, professor at the Harvard Law Business School and author of “The Wealth of Networks”


Complex and Connected World

This quote expresses exactly the feeling many of us have: uncertainty. Uncertainty in an increasingly complex world whose constant change is scarcely tangible or comprehensible. A world that has never been more networked, a world that is getting evermore complex and produces data volumes at an unprecedented scale. It therefore comes as no surprise that a single company does not have all the answers to urgent questions ready to hand. The overabundant data bear a huge potential, but how do you find exactly that piece of information needed for innovative and target group-oriented action? How do you collect data that demonstrate the market relevance of an innovation?

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Mobile Crowdsourcing

In a cooperation with our partner Streetspotr, we now offer a solution to bridge this gap. Streetspotr is THE expert for mobile crowdsourcing and, with its network of 500,000+ crowdworkers, offers access to valuable up-to-date knowledge. Streetspotr is not restricted to a specific region, but provides insights from more than 20 countries worldwide. We are now integrating this know-how into ITONICS Enterprise. The combination of our software module with the “wisdom of the crowd“ results in a powerful tool that will take you and your company that decisive step forward.

Global Scouting Community

With ITONICS Crowd you can address most urgent questions to the global community and thereby gain authentic insights generated around the world. This valuable information and inspiration can be directly used as input for your innovation campaigns. Benefit from the collective intelligence and have potential customers rate your product and business ideas in a quick and easy way.

ITONICS Crowd is able to accompany and enrich every step of the innovation management process – from ideation to concrete implementation – in real time. Contact us. We will be pleased to develop individual solutions tailored to your customers’ needs and provide you with the insights you are looking for.

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