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Free Innovation Tools

We offer a wide selection of management tools for innovation managers and leaders

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Toolkit - From Innovation Rookie to Rockstar 

This toolkit guides you through the building blogs for successful innovation management.  Get valuable tools, tips, and best practices to become a true game-changer for your company in less than 100 days.

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Toolkit - Foresight & Strategy 

This playbook is for innovation practitioners to equip their organizations with the Foresight & Strategy capabilities needed to anticipate, prepare for, and shape possible futures. You will get a holistic overview of the Foresight & Strategy process and how to turn trends into opportunities.

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Toolkit - Introduction to Scenarios

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started with our scenario solution, we have put together a special toolkit (webinar and playbook) to give you a better understanding of scenario planning and strategic roadmapping with the Cloud software from ITONICS.

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Innovation Consulting Framework Download

Innovation Framework - COFIM

The success of the innovation leaders of our time can be systematized and transferred. COFIM (Control Objectives for Innovation Management) reflects all areas of innovation expertise that are relevant for the long-term impact in a highly compact way. Use it to set your focus, to develop new competencies in your organization and to monitor progress in the most relevant areas.

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Innovation Maturity Assessment

Use this quick assessment to define the maturity of your organization’s future-related activities and augment the impact of your innovation initiative. It is completely based on COFIM | Control Objectives for Innovation Management.

The assessment can be used both as a status analysis and as guidance for defining priorities. Print it now and quickly set your focus.

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Innovation Big Picture Download

Innovation Management - Big Picture

Where to play? How to win? How to execute? ITONICS supports the holistic end2end innovation management process, from environmental scanning, trend management, technology & resource management, strategic foresight and innovation portfolio management to innovation roadmapping.

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Innovation Poster Download

Must-Have Innovation Posters - A collection of inspiring innovation posters for your office space

We designed office posters for you to print and hang on your office space to spread innovative vibes and boost your Innovation Rockstar mood. The posters are available for free download!

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