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White Paper: Holistic Approach to Strategic Foresight

A foresight support system for the German Federal Armed Forces

White Paper download: Holistic Approach to Strategic Foresight


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Companies increasingly face a dynamic environment, where unexpected change is the norm rather than the exception. Strategic foresight uses a variety of methods to assess possible future events. Combining different foresight methods and integrating expert opinions transform the strategic foresight process into a powerful but major undertaking.

IT systems can assist with the growing complexity of strategic foresight methods. Currently, specialized IT systems can support various strategic foresight methods and foresight activities, but these are generally focused on isolated applications rather than providing a holistic solution.

In this white paper:

  • Components and design issues of foresight
    support systems
  • Development and implementation of a foresight support system
  • The RAHS system of the German Federal Armed Forces