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Innovation Portfolio Management

Composing innovation portfolios that align innovation projects with the company’s strategy

Let your innovation initiatives support the overall business strategies

Linking your innovation projects to trends and upcoming technologies to identify “white spots” in your portfolio

Innovation is key to sustained competitive advantage in a dynamic global marketplace. An organization’s strategy determines what kind of innovation is required based on its customer value proposition. The aim is to establish a balanced innovation portfolio so that, in the event of a disruptive change in the market, the company already goes through a systematic process of creating new innovations, while at the same time maintaining current cash cows and reducing declining business.

The golden ratio for a balanced innovation portfolio can be expressed with the 70/20/10 model. 70 % of a company’s portfolio and budget allocation should, therefore, be aimed at protecting and maintaining the core business. Innovation efforts regarding “new” projects count for around 20 % of the company’s portfolio. 10 % is recommended to be of a transformational character and new to the market.


  • How to define a company’s strategy in an agile way?
  • How to monitor what’s going on in a corporate ecosystem (startups, competitors, trends/ customer needs, technologies, etc.)?
  • How to evaluate these developments and create strategies to react?
  • How to manage the portfolio of innovation projects and related investments?
  • How to get the required capabilities and skill sets into the company?


The ITONICS innovation and strategy platform can support you in:

  • visualizing how different innovation initiatives are supporting the overall business strategies.
  • interlinking innovation initiatives with each other or different components of the project execution (emerging trends and technologies, strategic roadmaps, organizational capabilities.

Benefits of managing balanced innovation portfolios

Gap analysis and strategy alignment

Analyze and monitor your innovation portfolio with regard to your strategic goals and identify innovation gaps.

Smart innovation investments

Efficiently and effectively invest in new as well as existing innovation projects.

Integrated end2end approach

Manage innovation holistically from environmental scanning up to innovation portfolio development and roadmapping.

Knowing who does what

Build your central knowledge base containing innovation activities, trends, technologies and the corresponding teams on one platform.

Individual performance management

Set up personal KPIs to monitor the success of your portfolio or go deeper into single projects for individual status monitoring.

Collaborative evaluation

Assess projects with your expert team regarding maturity, relevance, business impact and success.

Customizable visualization

Choose between visualization options and combinations of those e.g. Roadmap, Radar, Kanban, Project Dashboard, Matrix.

Innovation cockpit

Combine strategy and innovation centrally and create game-changing growth opportunities.

Portfolio Management Features


to assess the degree of disruption potential, feasibility, effort and benefit.

Project Portfolio Matrix

to map how related trends, technologies or projects are supporting different business strategies.

Radar Visualization

to monitor the most important KPIs and success factors of single projects

Project Kanban Boards

as strategic planning tools to understand how certain innovation initiatives are supported by technologies and capabilities or the respective strategy layer above.

Innovation Roadmaps

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