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Product Flyer: ITONICS Portfolio

Software for Agile Strategy Execution



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Managing your portfolio is an ongoing process. New technologies might open new opportunities or pose additional threats. Societal trends or unforeseen developments might pose additional risks.

The aim is to establish a balanced innovation portfolio so that, in the event of a disruptive change in the market, the company already goes through a systematic process of creating new innovations, while at the same time maintaining current cash cows and reducing declining business.

ITONICS Portfolio is a collaborative tool helping you to compose innovation portfolios that align innovation projects with the company’s strategy.

What's inside?

  • The relevance of lean innovation portfolio management for agile strategy execution and alignment.
  • How the digital software tool ITONICS Portfolio can help to visualize and interlink innovation projects with each other and the overall business strategy.
  • Which features and functions enable you to create, monitor, and communicate balanced innovation portfolios within your whole organization.