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Product Flyer: ITONICS Radar

Software for collaborative Technology & Trend Management

ITONICS Radar Product Flyer - Free Download


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Your company’s environment evolves rapidly: new competitors, changing customer requirements, and fast, radical changes in technology require flexible and sustainable strategies, as well as continuous innovation.

A holistic, collaborative, software-based trend and technology management process allows your company to identify opportunities and risks well in advance, as well as to map the own capacities in relation to the requirements of the surrounding corporate environment. It is therefore possible to identify and build a competitive advantage through early and sound action.

What's inside?

  • The relevance of technology and trend management for agile strategies and continuous innovation.
  • How the online software tool ITONICS Radar can help to identify fields of action and strategic opportunities.
  • Which special functions of ITONICS Radar enable you to become a game changer.