Release Notes 2024 | July

22nd of July

  • The board visualisation has received an overhaul. The feature is now more robust and should provide a more user-friendly experience. 
  • Performance boost to the entire app due to optimised requests.
  • Optimised the way session tokens are handled.
  • Various small bug fixes.

8th of July

  • Various bug fixes
    • An incorrect redirect after logging in with SSO was fixed
    • A count inaccuracy during element import was fixed
    • A more accurate error message for deleting foreign presets was introduced
    • Key event selection by default was improved
    • Improvement to linked news in top stories
    • Auto scroll to created element from signal was improved

1st of July

  • Various bug fixes
    • Auto scrolling on an element was fixed
    • The incorrect redirection of a signal filter was fixed
    • The missing form refresh when reseting a password was fixed
    • The lack of a success message after a successful import was fixed