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News & Activities around Innovation Management & ITONICS

by Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst, on Dec 21, 2017 3:47:00 PM

We offer a training to become an Agile Innovation manager in cooperation with our partners from Innovation Alliance. This modular training program ensures that you benefit from the Innovation Alliance’s many …

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by Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst, on Dec 12, 2017 3:50:00 PM

As many as one hundred children were delighted about the donations they received this week in the framework of a charity activity organized by our colleagues in Nepal. The only …

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by Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst, on Dec 11, 2017 3:56:00 PM

Once again, the Innovation Alliance successfully trained Agile Innovation Managers. Congratulations on this achievement! The training included learnings in three different areas: From Strategy to Opportunities From Opportunities To Ideas …

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