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Webinar: Basics in Technology Management

How to build a  Tech Radar  for your business


Collecting, evaluating and structuring the latest trends and emerging technologies and deriving recommendations for action for a company's own corporate strategy is still a major challenge for many companies.

A technology radar maps the technology direction of an organization covering the whole process from technology scouting to strategic actions and fueling R&D and technology investment decisions. The identified, selected and evaluated technologies can serve as threats or opportunities shaping the future of the company. The tech radar functions as the company’s go-to to consolidate large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data from different sources regarding technologies, trends, innovations, patents, and publications.
Dieses Webinar findet auch auf Deutsch statt. Hier geht's zur Anmeldung.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why technology scouting and management are important.
  • What a technology radar is and how to use it profitably for your business.
  • How to segment your technology radar and define assessment metrics.
  • How to work with industry-related technology trends and inspirations.
  • More best practices & success stories.




Alexander Kruczek
Senior Sales Manager


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