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Your own cross-industry Trend and Technology Content Portfolios

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Research and Insights for your Innovation Management

Up-to-date trend and technology content

The ITONICS Trend and Technology Content Portfolios provide targeted and tailored trend and tech analysis, actionable insight and additional inspiration content via the cloud-based ITONICS Radar software platform.

Trend and Technology Content

Pre-rated portfolios

The pre-rated content portfolios are segmented across STEEP categories, industries, regions and market segments. Additional filters are created to enable brands to monitor activities in markets and societies, track new content and detect potential for disruptive cross-industry innovations.

Pre-Rated Trends in a Trend Radar

Inspirations and real-life examples

Each trend and technology is supported by underlying inspirations, which are composed of real-life examples speaking to the respective topic and which are handpicked by our analysts. Our analyst team focuses on scientific publications, media, press releases and databases as well as using mass and social media, peer conversations and direct observation to develop, extend and up-date our trend and technology portfolios and inspirations.

Inspirations and real-life examples

Fuel your whole innovation pipeline

Our trend and technology portfolios are accurately updated, merged and re-evaluated every year while new inspirations are poured in at least every three months and signals are updated in real time. Does the innovation journey come to an end here? Certainly not!

ITONICS is providing end2end innovation management. The trend and technology content can therefore easily be fueled into other modules of ITONICS (e.g. portfolios, roadmaps, opportunity spaces) without any restrictions.

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