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Helping you drive innovation from strategy to execution at scale. All the way from insights to market in one single collaborative platform.

Data-driven, engaging, and agile.

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ITONICS Insights - Software for Environmental Scanning

Gain insights from data

Fast, automated and from millions of verified sources

As an engine for environmental scanning, ITONICS Insights enables you to scan millions of publications, news sites, patents, and others in real-time to reveal competitive intelligence.

Explore and dive deep into trends, emerging technologies, competitors, startups, opportunities, business models, and much more.

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ITONICS Radar - Software for Trends, Technologies, Startups and Risks

Uncover opportunities

Collaboratively analyze and evaluate trends, technologies, risks, startups, and more.

ITONICS Radar acts as an early-warning system for teams who want to build a clear vision of the future to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Set up your bespoke Radar to bring foresight into a central view for analysis, with ratings and dynamic visualizations that reflect organizational and innovation priorities.

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ITONICS Campaigns - Software for Ideation and Idea Management

Use the power of the crowd

Unlock continuous improvements to moonshots - for 5 to 500k innovators. Bring diverse minds together to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

With an unrivaled flexibility in configuration, best-practice blueprints, rights and roles, and analytics, ITONICS Campaigns allows you to set-up hundreds of innovation campaigns in parallel in no time. With UX that can be tailored to all your requirements for a seamless and motivating experience!

Launch ideation campaigns across locations, business units and verticals and advance idea management. Inspire fresh thinking to capture new value and drive differentiation.

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ITONICS Portfolio - Software for Innovation Portfolio Management

Balance and optimize project portfolios

Support strategy and maximize return on innovation investment.

As an interactive planning tool, ITONICS Portfolio aggregates and links project information with boards, workflows and budget planners to improve visibility of innovation efforts across the organization.

Monitor the health and momentum of innovation portfolios through a dynamic and easy-to-use interface. Align strategic objectives with internal capabilities, and enhance prioritization. Matrix

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ITONICS Roadmap - Software for Strategic Planning

Drive strategic planning excellence

From concept to delivery. Your way.

Multilayered, interactive and easily configurable, ITONICS Roadmap is an essential management tool for strategic leaders who oversee growth strategy, R&D planning, project governance, and implementation.

Shape your organization's growth with a dynamic digital overview of your future landscape and innovation initiatives. Collaboratively plan, and steer execution with transparency.

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Empower everybody to innovate. Today.

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The only Innovation OS to scale your innovation pipeline from strategy to implementation

Read more on our unique, proven methodology covering the Where to Play, How to Win, and What to Execute within innovation. It’s much more than ideas!

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Why the best innovators work with ITONICS

The pace of technology change is relentless. The underlying strategic vectors lie beneath this churn, and this is where ITONICS excels by providing a space for our team to share important signals of change and discuss their impact, without distraction. It helps us stay ahead of the curve, multiplies the value of our people, and the time we spend together.
Chris Bennett
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Bennett - Chief Technology Officer - Dolby

The ITONICS Innovation OS supports us in scouting new technologies and products for our pipeline. The huge amounts of data generated in this process are easily searchable for the colleagues involved and can be supplemented and evaluated together.

Dr Maarten Ruitenberg
Head of Technology Scouting & Operations
Dr Maarten Ruitenberg - Head of Technology Scouting & Operations - Merz Therapeutics

Cisco operates in a world of increasing market volatility and globalization. With the Technology Radar we found a solution to effectively and efficiently manage novel technologies to maintain and enhance our competitive position.

Sylvain Baron
Corporate Strategic Innovation
Sylvain Baron - Corporate Strategic Innovation - Cisco

The ITONICS Innovation OS has become an integral part of the new innovation culture and is contributing to cross-pollination of pioneering growth opportunities at Fletcher Building.

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs
General Manager Innovation and Sustainability
Dr Lisbeth Jacobs - General Manager Innovation and Sustainability - Fletcher Building
Targeted innovation requires a “single point of truth”, a single source of information to guide people and to make it easy for them to find what’s going on in our organization. The ITONICS Innovation OS is such an environment, bringing together more than 500 Toyota members from our European manufacturing centers on one digital ecosystem.
Andrew Willett
Senior Expert
Andrew Willett - Senior Expert - Toyota

Using ITONICS' AI-enabled platform, we aim to enhance strategic alignment across business units and preemptively develop rigorous capabilities, products, processes, technologies to continuously future-proof our business.

John Absmeier
Chief Technology Officer
John Absmeier - Chief Technology Officer - Lear Corporation

With KPMG Illuminate, powered by ITONICS, KPMG innovation leaders and teams worldwide can co-create innovative solutions and ideas together with their networks and ecosystems, driving value and growth for KPMG and its clients.

Roni Michael
Global Head of Innovation
Roni Michael - Global Head of Innovation - KPMG

Using a collaborative platform, we were able to implement the Innovate Everywhere Challenge as an integral part of our innovation management and engage a world-wide community to team up and innovate together. We achieved a Cisco-wide cultural change and created an interconnected network of innovators.

Alex Goryachev
Director of Innovation Strategy
Alex Goryachev - Director of Innovation Strategy - Cisco

With ITONICS on our side we have developed a holistic, digital ecosystem for innovation and digitalization, offering user-intuitive project-, strategy- and portfolio views as well as innovation and trend scouting features.

Christian Weber
Digitalization Program Management Lead
Christian Weber - Digitalization Program Management Lead - Siemens Energy

With the platform, we have created a cross-location innovation community. All employees now have the opportunity to submit ideas and trends, to participate in their realization and thus to shape the future of the company. The product gives thousands of employees in the company the opportunity to drive innovation.

Simeon Eichmann
Head of Research & Development
Simeon Eichmann - Head of Research & Development - LEONHARD WEISS

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Build your trend radar within hours. Set-up a global idea challenge to engage ten thousands of co-workers. Get transparency over your R&D portfolios and emerging technology roadmaps.

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Let's talk Innovation

podcast-section-Justyna Baber - IKEA

IKEA: The IKEA Innovation Community

In this inspiring episode, we are joined by Justyna Baber, Innovation Community Leader at the world-famous Swedish furniture store IKEA.

Join us as we learn about the creation of the IKEA Innovation Community, the strategies used to keep it active, growing, and evolving over time, and its impact on innovation and adaptation within the organization.

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podcast-section-Leslie Shannon - Nokia

Nokia: The Metaverse at Work

In this enlightening episode, we're joined by Leslie Shannon, a Silicon Valley-based “novophiliac” and Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting at Nokia. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and passion, Leslie unpacks the potential and future of spatial computing - often better known as the metaverse. We also discuss the revolutionary capabilities of technology convergence and how it is reshaping various industries. 

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podcast-section-PJ Mistry-Unilever

Unilever: A Toolbox for Start-up and Corporate Collaboration

Get ready for an inspiring episode as we welcome PJ Mistry from Unilever. PJ is one of the driving forces behind the TRANSFORM program. Brace yourself for an insightful journey as we learn how TRANSFORM, an impact accelerator led by Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, and EY combines grant funding, business insight, and research, in advancing the development of innovative business models to help solve global challenges.

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Nic Umana, Mars

Mars: Activating Human Intelligence for Global Agile Innovation

In this episode, we are delighted to welcome Nic Umana, Global Agile Innovation Human Intelligence Director at Mars. Having worked at Mars for more than two decades, the self-proclaimed "chaos pilot" has gained a wealth of experience within the company, which she now brings to her role by putting people at the heart of innovation. So put on your headphones and get ready for an insightful journey into activating human intelligence for global agile innovation.

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Swiss Re Institute: Leveraging Technology and Data to Tackle Emerging Risks

Get ready for an insightful conversation as we delve with Dr. Christoph Nabholz, Chief Research Officer and Head of the Research, Engagement & Sustainability Team at the Swiss Re Institute into the question of how Swiss Re is leveraging its technology and data expertise to tackle emerging risks.  Then grab your headphones and tune in!

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Lloyds Banking Group: The Toolbox for High-Impact Hybrid Work

In this episode we are joined by Tom Kegode, People, Comms, and Connections Lead at the Lloyds Banking Group. Calling himself a “friendly disruptor”, Tom is an expert in harnessing human innovation and the power of community to create a more inclusive workplace. 

Curious for more? Then grab your headphones and tune in!

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