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The innovation podcast for real innovation rockstars

The Innovation Rockstars podcast is your no-nonsense guide to all things corporate innovation. With a focus on actionable insights and real-world experiences, we dive deep into the practices that drive sustainable growth and transformative change. From corporate foresight to ideation and creativity to hands-on execution, our episodes bring you unfiltered conversations with the minds shaping the future.

"How can you create this army of everyday innovators throughout your organization? Whether it's 100 people or 100,000 employees, democratizing innovation is key." 

In this episode of Innovation Rockstars, we feature Prof. Michael McCathren, Senior Principal for Enterprise Innovation at Chick-fil-Aand former Adjunct Professor at the University of Georgia.

Michael shares his incredible journey from a 15-year-old restaurant worker to leading innovation at Chick-fil-A. Discover how his team transformed from project execution to becoming in-house innovation consultants, democratizing innovation across the company. Learn about their unique approach to fostering a culture of innovation, including consulting, facilitation, and leveraging Gen-AI.

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Got more questions? We've got answers.

Who should listen to the Innovation Rockstars podcast?

The Innovation Rockstars podcast is a must-listen for anyone passionate about innovation and creativity, especially B2B professionals like managers, directors, and (e)(s)vp's in innovation, strategy, or foresight. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a leader, or just keen on industry trends, you'll find value in learning from peers and networking with other innovative minds. This podcast is your go-to source for insights, stories, and the inspiration to fuel your innovative journey.

What differentiates the Innovation Rockstars podcast from other innovation podcasts?

The Innovation Rockstars podcast takes a unique approach to exploring innovation. It provides a stage for educational and inspiring real-world business stories with industry changemakers from around the world and offers actionable insights. It's a casual format where we share stories of innovation, strategy, foresight, and growth in an entertaining and informative way (no innovation theater) that are not commonly found in other innovation podcasts. Be it stories of success, failure, opportunity, challenge, growth, or survival.

Where can I listen to the innovation podcast?

You can listen to the Innovation Rockstars podcast on various platforms for innovation podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, the podcast's official website and YouTube.

How can I apply as a speaker on the innovation podcast?

If you have a proven track record in innovation or a unique perspective on driving growth and change within organizations, we'd love to hear from you. Apply to be a speaker on the Innovation Rockstars podcast by visiting our website and submitting your details and proposed discussion topics through our contact form.

Who are the guests on the Innovation Rockstars podcast?

The guests on the Innovation Rockstars podcast include a diverse array of individuals who are making waves in the innovation space. This includes successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, renowned researchers, and emerging innovators. Each guest brings a unique perspective and insight into how innovation can drive change, solve problems, and create new opportunities across different sectors.

Who is the host of the Innovation Rockstars podcast?

Dr. Christian Mühlroth, the host of the Innovation Rockstars podcast, is also the CEO of ITONICS, the leading Innovation Operating System. With a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation, Chris has an extensive background in steering companies towards sustainable growth through strategic innovation. His academic pursuits at the crossroads of AI and innovation have led to publications in esteemed journals.

As a member of KI Bundesverband, he plays an active role in Germany's AI community, advocating for innovation and collaboration. Beyond his executive and research roles, Chris engages with the broader community as a speaker and guest lecturer, imparting his knowledge to professionals and students alike.