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Insurance Trend Report 2022+

A trend report about the disruptive forces impacting the insurance industry in 2022 and beyond

B2C Insurance in the Digital Age - Trend Report

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Trend Report: B2C Insurance in the Digital Age - Free Download


The insurance industry is evolving. With high technology adoption, data streams are multiplying — and as consumers are increasingly plugged in, new opportunities are emerging. By considering these new shifts from the consumer’s perspective, insurers can better anticipate and plan for change.

Our report unpacks B2C insurance in the digital age, exploring contemporary trends and future scenarios to uncover innovation opportunities across all horizons.

The aim of this report is to:

  • Unpack the forces shaping the future of the insurance industry
  • Present future scenarios and industry developments
  • Give implications for innovation and hands-on recommendations for action
  • On top: provide a printable trend poster for your office wall
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