[Released]: Exact Ratings

We're gearing up for a significant update that will transform the way you calculate and interpret ratings.

Note: This feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan.

Currently, ratings are confined to specific values derived from median calculations. This method limits ratings to distinct categories like Low or Medium, leaving no room for nuances or in-between values.

Exact ratings will enable more precise calculations, allowing ratings to fall, for example, between Low (2) and Medium (3) with accuracy down to two decimal digits, such as 2.82.


The primary goal of this enhancement is to improve decision-making by providing a more detailed understanding of user sentiments.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Impact on visualizations: Elements in Radar and Matrix visualizations will now be plotted based on their exact average rating, offering a more accurate representation of their positions.
  • Impact on dimensions of visualization: Certain dimensions like Halo, Donut, Size, and Color will maintain rounded values for clarity and visual consistency.
  • Element detail pages: Rating widgets will display both the exact rating and its rounded average, facilitating a quick grasp of information. Tooltips will provide a comprehensive view by showcasing both rounded and exact values.

Disclaimer: As with all upcoming product features, this is still subject to change. The entire feature or parts of it might not make it into the final product.