Content Sharing: Overview and Usage

Content sharing allows you to distribute content you produced between Workspaces of the same and different Organization, keeping it up-to-date with the most recent changes.

Content sharing is not available in the software by default. Contact us at if you are interested in this functionality.

Content sharing is a way to share published and archived Elements and their updates in real-time with other Workspaces - within the same Organization, but also with other Organizations.

Things to remember

  • Currently, only users with Workspace Administrator role in both the source and target Workspaces can share content between those.
  • Updates to shared content in the source Workspace will reflect in the target Workspace, if the information has not been touched in the target Workspace. This means that the content will be kept up-to-date as much as possible, but changes in the target Workspace will be prioritized, and will not be lost. The decision to update or to keep the overwritten content happens at the Property-level.
  • Changing the status of an Element to "Draft" will temporarily disable updates to the Element from being shared. Once you choose to publish the Element again, updates will resume. This allows you to make changes to an Element, and only share those changes once you're ready.
  • If content sharing on an Element is removed, the element is not deleted from the Workspace it was shared with. Instead, all updates to that element in the source Workspace will not be shared anymore.
  • The same Element can only be shared in one direction, from the source to the target, but not back again.

Steps to use Content Sharing

Source Workspace:

  1. Open an element you wish to share with other Workspaces.
  2. As a Workspace Administrator, you see the "Share" button in the element header. Click on the button.
  3. Once you click on the "Share" button, the "Share Element" modal will open where you see a list of Workspaces in which you have subscribing permissions. Click on the checkbox next to the Workspace you want to share the content with and then click on "Update". You can also search for the workspace via the search bar at the top left, if the list is too long.
    You will now see an icon in the top right corner of the Element header indicating that the Element is actively being shared.

Target Workspace

In target Workspace, you will see any shared content in Explorer. Shared Elements will be marked as such with a cloud-icon in the top right corner of the Element header.