What Roadmap Templates Does ITONICS offer?

The ITONICS Roadmap templates are based on the most common roadmap types used in different industries. When creating a new roadmap, they can be used to develop a roadmap faster with a given structure.

Strategic Planning

This type is suitable for general strategic appraisal, in terms of supporting the evaluation of different opportunities or threats, typically at the business level. The strategic roadmap focuses on the development of a vision of the future business, in terms of markets, business, products, technologies, skills, culture, etc. Gaps are identified, by comparing the future vision with the current position, and strategic options explored to bridge the gaps.

Product Planning

This is by far the most common type of technology roadmap, relating to the insertion of technology into manufactured products, often including more than one generation of product. The template enables to link planned technology and product developments. This template should be used to have a more detailed look on the interactions between product and technology development processes. To make sure to develop the "right" product & technologies, it is recommended to use this template after developing a strategic roadmap.

Knowledge Asset Planning

This type aligns knowledge assets and knowledge management initiatives with business objectives. The template enables to visualize critical knowledge assets, and the linkages to the skills, technologies and competencies required to meet future market demands. The pivotal role of knowledge management is more pronounced in knowledge-intensive organisations such as those involved in research and development, and new product development.

Program Planning

This type focuses on implementation of strategy and more directly relates to project planning (for example R&D programs). This template enables to show the relationships between technology development and program phases and milestones. It is very useful to add project milestones and key decision points when using this template.

Service & Capability Planning

This type is more suited to service-based enterprises, focusing on how technology supports organizational capabilities. This roadmap focuses on organizational capabilities as the bridge between technology and the business, rather than products.