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Interactive Selection

Making selections in Insights is very interactive. Both in the sense that you can interact with the visualizations to select time frames, countries or categories, but also in the sense that the selections from one visualization will affect all other visualizations.

Selecting something in the timeline chart for example will have a direct effect on the world map and the cluster visualizations as well as the bar charts in the side panel. Of course, the list of Signals is also filtered by the selection. You can always see the current selections in the selection panel.

The bar charts are special in that they will always preserve the search field context (shown as a semi-transparent bar) while displaying the values for the current selection as highlighted bars.

⚠️ This is where things can get a little complicated: Every visualization has a main property. For the world map for example this is the country of publication, for the different bar charts it is the document type, the country of publication and the category-property. When selecting across different properties, the bar charts will only highlight selections that are not on their main property.

To see this first hand and what it means, try doing the following:

  1. Select a timeframe in the timeline chart.
    => You will see all the bar charts animating, highlighting the count of Signals that fall within the period of time selected. They still show the values for the search field context though.
  2. Now switch to the world map visualization and select a country.
    => The bar charts for document type and category will animate in the same way they did before. The bar charts for country on the other hand will not. Instead, the country selected will be shown as a "Selected Option"!

Were we to apply the country-selection to the bar charts for country nothing would be left to highlight, and all bars but the selected ones would end up at 0 which is not our goal.