Is the ITONICS Cloud Software Compatible With My Browser?

Please have a look at the below list to check if ITONICS works on your browser.

Please note that we will end support of Internet Explorer as of 01 Jan 2022. In order to use ITONICS, please choose one of the supported browsers listed below. For Windows users, the latest, Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge should be available. 

If you find any issues with the supported browsers, let us know!

💡 Please make sure your browser's localStorage is enabled, as the software requires it to function!

✅ Recommended

The optimized ITONICS Cloud experience is available with these browsers.

  • Chrome (latest)

✅ Supported

The list of supported browsers which allow using the entire ITONICS Cloud software.

Generally, all evergreen browsers in their latest versions.

⚠️ Not Recommended

Our software works in these browsers though we do not recommend them. Some optimizations and advanced features cannot be offered in these browsers, and they will not allow for the best experience of the ITONICS Cloud software.

  • Edge (non-Chromium-based)

Generally, all evergreen browsers that haven't been updated to the latest version.

❌ Not supported

We do not support these browsers.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox up to 68.2.0