The Embed allows for inserting specific aspects of the ITONICS Innovation OS into any website.

Note that the ITONICS Embed is available as Add-on only. Contact us at to trial the feature for free.

This allows you to communicate your innovation strategy and initiatives via a public website or on your Intranet. An iframe or inline frame enables you to embed HTML content into another HTML page.

Note: only the Radar is embeddable in an iframe for now.

Set up an Embed Token

To embed content in another website, you must have access to the Embed Token of the Workspace where the respective content lives. This Token must first be created. To do so:

  • Navigate to your Organisation's settings.
  • In the Embed Tab (1), click on the Create button (2) to add an Embed Token for the respective Workspace you want to embed from.


Afterward, a new table will be displayed listing the Embed Token, its name, its validity, to which Workspace it belongs, and its status.



Please note the following regarding data visibility and access:

  • All content within a Workspace that has a valid Embed Token can be accessed through the API by any person who has access to the Embed Token. The token is in the embed URL, which can be easily extracted from the web page to which the Embed is added.
  • Currently, content in Properties that has been hidden in the Element Configuration for the Workspace can still be requested through the API using the Embed Token. This will be addressed soon.

Radar iframe-Embed

In the Workspace you want to embed from and for which the Embed Token is valid for:

  • Navigate to the Explorer
  • Then, navigate to the Radar (3)
  • and in the Radar toolbar click on the Embed Icon (4)
  • A new Modal will appear, from which you can choose some settings including:  Allow Configuration, Allow Exporting, and change Embed Title, or copy either the unique iframe-Code or the Embed URL to your clipboard (5). This Code or URL can then be embedded into another website.