1️⃣ Find help or contact the support

There might be times when you do not directly find what you are looking for or when you experience something strange. Don't despair, we are always there for you. You will always find help in the support panel.

If you need help, you will find the support panel in the main navigation at the bottom left [1]. The support panel includes three tabs where you will find help:

ITONICS Onboarding Guide

You can open the Support Panel from anywhere in the tool by clicking on the question mark with the text "Help & Support" at the bottom left of the navigation.

Onboarding Guide

When you open the support panel, you will first land on the first tab "onboarding" [2]. The name of the tab is displayed at the top left of the support panel. Here, you will find quick links to

  • "product news"
  • Videos
  • An option to report illegal or malicious content,
  • a link to the Knowledge Base

Furthermore, you will find quick links to the most important knowledge-base articles that should help ease your onboarding.

Knowledge Base

When you do not directly find the help needed, you can switch to the second tab [3] and query our Knowledge Base. Find at the bottom of the second tab, a search bar and type in the words that best describe your search interest [5].

ITONICS Knowledge base

In return, you will find above the articles that best match with your input. Click on any card and the respective knowledge base article will open in a new tab.

Contact Support

If your problem is still not solved, you can also get in contact directly with us. Switch to the third tab of throw [4], called "Your Feedback". Here, you will find three different options [6]:

  • General Feedback: If you want to provide any feedback or request for a feature enhancement or want to request for a new feature which you would like to have in our Product, please write a query under General Feedback section.
  • Support: If you face any technical issues while working with the tool or if you have any questions. For the best support, please detail the steps leading to your issue and add links. This approach ensures top-quality assistance! If you would also like to send screenshots to illustrate your issue, please send an email to support@itonics.io.
  • Sales: If you have any billing-related questions, you want add-on features or you need consulting, please submit a sales request.

Click on the arrow and select the category that best describes your request [6].


You can now use the text box to provide an illustrative title and a detailed description [7]. To send your request, hit "Submit" at the bottom [8]. You will receive a confirmation from our support team who also will get back to you as soon as possible after your submission.