Support Panel

Support Panel

A. You can open the Support Panel from anywhere in the tool by clicking on the speech bubble icon at the bottom left of the navigation.

B. Getting Started Videos: Click on play icon of the video to watch our introductory videos. In this section, you can have a high-level overview of the main modules of the tool.

C. Search through Knowledge Base: You can search for articles available in Knowledge Base by entering keywords in the search bar. Then click on the desired article link to further open the article.

Knowledge base article search

D. Support Request: Click on "Contact Support" button at the bottom of Support panel to write a support query to us.

  1. Choose the Request Type based on your query type.
  2. Fill in "Ticket Name" field.
  3. Write a description of your query and click on "Submit" button.

Support Request

Product Announcements: Follow this section for latest Product updates and release notes of our Product. New feature launch announcements are also posted here.

Product Announcements