3️⃣ Turning a Trial into a Permanent Subscription

Once you create an ITONICS organization, you have 30 days to explore the functionality of our software without any limits. Convinced? Then read how to turn it into a permanent subscription.

You have 30 days to trial the Innovation OS. When you want to extend the time and discuss extension opportunities, please get in touch with us at sales@itonics-innovation.com

We are also keen to hear your feedback. So, even when you do not plan to extend, please contact us and share your feedback with us.

Once the 30 days are over, we will automatically suspend your organization and neither you nor any of the users who have been invited to the organization will be able to access the platform or the contents in it. You will still have access to the organizational settings.

You will not be charged, and we will keep the data within the organization for 60 days after the suspension in case you want to have your organization activated by ITONICS again. 

Once the 30-day trial period has ended, organizations will be automatically deleted 60 days later if they have not converted into a paid subscription. Please note that this automatic organization deletion also includes the deletion of the data within the organization created during the trial. We will send an email to remind you that your organization and data are about to be deleted.


How to start a trial?

If you want to try the system for 30 days for free, simply create your account and your organization, i.e., your system.

In a browser, navigate to https://itonics.io/id/register. Here, simply enter your email address and continue. An email will be sent to your inbox to complete the registration process. Hit the button in the email and fill out the form with a password, first name, last name, and accept the terms. Next, you will be asked to name your organization, i.e., your system. You are also asked to provide a custom URL of your system.

The system will now be set up for you. As a first step, you can select an industry. Based on the industry selection, your system will be pre-filled with content relevant to this industry. No worries, you can later see and select more industry content.

Turning a Trial into a Permanent Subscription

02 | Onboard yourself and others
Depending on what you aim to achieve with your ITONICS Innovation OS, we offer two different onboarding paths:
  1. For Starters: Read - Build your Innovation OS within 15 minutes
  2. For Experts: Read - Build a custom Innovation OS that reflects your processes and innovation language