What is an Element?

Elements are the basic building blocks that make up the ITONICS innovation content management system.

Pieces of content in ITONICS that are used across the different modules of software are called Elements, short for Elements of Change. They can be created and managed in the ITONICS Explorer and visualized on the Radar, or Portfolio visualizations. They allow you to organize and categorize your company's know-how in a single place, making it available across different teams. Every element can be viewed in a digital Element profile.

Depending on the use case you are planning on covering, you will use different types of Elements. ITONICS comes with blueprint Element Types like Trends or Technologies for Trend & Technology Management, Opportunities & Risks for Foresight activities, Ideas for Ideation, and Projects for Roadmapping.

The type of an Element determines what kind of information you can and should compile for it. For Technologies, this might be the Technology Readiness Level, for Projects, the project owner.

Elements are created within so-called Workspaces. Workspaces allow you to control who can see content, and allow you to organize your content.

What can I do with Elements?

Apart from creating content, categorizing it, and sharing it with others, there are a couple of essential actions to keep in mind about Elements:

  1. Evaluate an Element collaboratively using type-specific rating criteria.
  2. Relate different Elements which each other to create your own knowledge graph.
  3. Link Elements to Activities on Roadmaps.
  4. Comment on an Element to add your insights.
  5. Get up-to-date information about the Element using the Signals Feed.

💡 Nobody likes to start from scratch. So our scouting team provides you with content in our ITONICS Showroom Workspace that you can explore and copy into your own Workspace for further use! 

What if I need different information for my Elements? 

Out-of-the-box, we provide you with blueprint Element Types that you cannot change. If you need to customize Element Types or create your own, consider subscribing to the ITONICS Professional tier in order to make use of Element Configuration.