Why Can't I Access My Organization Anymore?

There are several reasons why this might happen. Below we explain more.

The most common is that your organization has been suspended because the trial period is over or the card on file couldn't be charged.

If you log into ITONICS and you get redirected to the list of your organizations or the organization's settings and you cannot click on any of the elements in the side navigation, your account has been suspended. 

To make sure this is the case, navigate to the overview of your organizations in case you are not there yet. Click on the username on the left bottom corner (1), and then go to the Switch Organization (2).

Can't I Access My Organization Anymore 

In the list of your Organizations, you can now see that it has been suspended.

Organization suspended

In this case, and if you are an Application Admin, follow the steps to add payment information to your Organization. Otherwise, talk to the person responsible for ITONICS at your company.