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Industry Report: Game-Changing Technologies for

 Food & Drink 

Discover the most relevant technologies for the food & drink industry!


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Navigate the selection of game-changing technologies in food & drink plus industry-specific applications and inspirations to uncover the most relevant, impactful, and transformative areas in which to play.

This report aims to provide decision-makers in the food & drink industry with a view of the game-changing technologies that hold the most potential for impactful innovation in the industry. The information contained within this report is interlinked with the ITONICS Innovation Platform to help your organization better connect the dots between these drivers of change, anticipate the most rewarding opportunities for the future, and gain strategic advantage in your industry.

The Aim of this Report is to:

  • Provide an industry lens to help direct focus and resources 
  • Nurture fresh thinking about the role of technology
  • Serve as a starting point for your organization’s technology scouting
  • Present potential future growth opportunities in your industry
  • Equip your team with the innovation intelligence needed to take decisive action