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How to Automate Manual Innovation Tasks

... and accelerate time-to-market. When speed matters and time is money, reducing the administrative burden on innovation teams is crucial.



Rapidly evolving and competitive markets call for rapid innovation. Companies that innovate faster are 3 times more likely to outperform their industry peers in growth, achieve their financial performance goals, and increase operational resiliency to unforeseen events. Yet, 50-90% of an innovation professional's time is consumed by manual tasks, limiting strategic innovation.

Watch this 30-minute session to explore how ITONICS uses AI-powered tools to help you accelerate your innovation process, enhancing:

  • Time-to-Insight: Eliminate manual effort and information overload that impedes efficient environmental monitoring.
  • Time-to-Validation: Shorten the path from ideation to market.
  • Time-to-Money: Speed up the translation of innovation into tangible financial returns.

Who should watch

Executives and experts who are responsible for:

  • Monitoring external factors for trends and disruptions

  • Align the organization for future challenges and opportunities

  • Managing idea pools to activate the right ideas, at the right time, for the right business opportunity

  • Monitoring the portfolio of strategic initiatives and innovation projects

  • Implementing R&D programs and initiatives

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