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Intelligent ideation with ITONICS

Augment human creativity. Amplify value realization.



In July 2023, GPT-4 scored in the top 1% of test-takers for the originality and diversity of its ideas in the standardized Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (Guzik et al., 2023). Likewise, corporate innovators pioneering the use of GenAI report up to 5x larger numbers of innovative ideas created and a 2x increase in decision selectivity and idea success rates (BCG, 2023). 

In this webinar, we explore how your company can tap into this massive potential for maximizing velocity and quality throughout your innovation funnel. Join us to gain practical insights and expert tips for driving intelligent ideation using the ITONICS Innovation OS.

Who should watch:

Executives and experts who are responsible for:

  • Setting up and managing internal innovation campaigns in line with corporate strategy
  • Identifying and evaluating external ideas by means of Open Innovation initiatives
  • Fostering collective intelligence and activating expertise across departments
  • Putting ideas into execution, including team set-up., resource allocation, etc.
  • Monitoring idea pools to activate the right ideas, at the right time, for the right business opportunity.

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