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How to Beat Time: Innovation Process Acceleration at Škoda

Increasing speed from ideation to market

Idea Management Platform Škoda


Speed is today's core mandate for innovation teams across companies and industries. For many of our clients, managing less and innovating faster is still a major challenge.

Working at the forefront of corporate ideation, Škoda is already addressing a lot of these challenges. Among their toolbox is also the ITONICS Innovation OS, helping to be more efficient and accelerating innovation.

In a joint 30-minute webinar, we explore with Roman Šiser, Innovation Manager at SKODA, how Škoda is winning the race against increased market pressure and the need for speed.

Who should watch

Senior executives, managers, and professionals specializing in strategy, R&D, and innovation who are responsible for:

  • Defining strategies for organic growth of their organizations

  • Setting up and managing innovation campaigns in line with growth

  • Fostering collective intelligence and activating expertise across departments

  • Monitoring idea pools to activate the right ideas, at the right time, for the right business opportunity

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