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Toolkit: From Innovation Rookie to Rockstar

We guide you through the building blocks to become a kick-ass innovation manager in <100 days

The Ultimate Innovation Rockstar Toolkit

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The Ultimate Innovation Rockstar Toolkit - Free Download


They say the first 100 days in a new position define your make-or-break time. With this toolkit, you'll learn what you can do differently in those - or any other - 100 days to get things on track!

Based on our experience in innovation, foresight, and strategy with hundreds of industry leaders, we've put together this toolkit to guide you through the building blogs for successful innovation management and help you to become a true game-changer for your company.

This toolkit includes:

  • 60+ valuable inspirations, tools, and resources on innovation management
  • 12 weeks in which we take you through three innovation maturity levels: Rookie, Rebel, Rockstar
  • 5 learning units per week designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the building blocks for successful innovation management
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