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Your Guide for
Successfully Implementing Innovation Software

Learn how you can maximize the benefit of your new software solution with a solid roll-out plan.

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Making the decision to systemize and scale your innovation activities with software is the first big step to drive transformation and growth within your organization. But it’s only the beginning of your journey. The next challenging phase is seamlessly integrating your new system into the backbone of your business.

Implementing a software system requires commitment and resources and can be a massive change process for organizations. This guide offers practical tips that will help organizations plan, implement and drive the adoption of a new system, and ultimately harness the power of innovation software.

This guide includes:

  • Setting the scope of the roll-out
  • Consideration of the roll-out goals
  • Definition of a timeline
  • Determination of communication channels
  • Creation of support channels
  • A roll-out readiness checklist
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