Wed, 08 Jul 2020 / Insights: Improved Cluster Visualization & Exclusion

Cluster Visualization

There was an issue where the bubbles of the Cluster visualization didn't correctly represent the number of documents within them. This is now resolved.

Cluster Visualization innovation


We have introduced the ability to interactively exclude values in the side panel bar charts. Try it out and exclude Signals from the US and see what the World Map looks like:

Cluster Visualization exclusion


We have substantially improved the look of Insights on smaller screens, especially of the bar charts in the side panel that were very hard to read before.


  • Insights on Internet Explorer: The Insights module is accessible on Internet Explorer as well and doesn't show a completely white screen anymore. Note that we still do not recommend using IE.
  • Redirection from ITONICS Explorer: We have fixed a bug that didn't allow users to remove an element from the casual search when coming from the element detail view in Explorer.