2022 Monthly Subscriptions Billing Change

We are changing our pricing plans as of 27 February 2022.

Our pricing change strategy reflects our continued efforts to provide you with the best possible Innovation Management Platform. 

Questions? We’ve got you covered!


What is the new price going to be?

As of 27 February 2022, the new monthly subscription fee per user will be:

  • 25€ for the ITONICS Core Starter and 75€ for the ITONICS Core Professional plan.
  • 25€ per added module for the Insights, Radar, and Roadmap modules.

Is this permanent or temporary?

The new subscription fee will be instated as a permanent pricing change taking effect from 27 February 2022.


Are there any additional benefits if I remain with ITONICS?

  • You will be able to upgrade your plan to ITONICS Professional. This will enable you to configure your Radar segmentations, Ratings, and much more. With these features, you will be able to make the ITONICS Platform your own!
  • You will be able to add the ITONICS Insights module to your digital innovation platform in order to enhance your environmental scanning capabilities.
  • Experience a number of new and improved features over the coming year, including continuous improvements of the Core functionality.


How do I go about changing to the new subscription pricing?

There is no action required from your side. Your subscription will automatically be converted to the new pricing at the end of your next billing cycle after 27 February 2022, but earliest on 13 March 2022, to give you plenty of time to change your subscription to your needs.


Can I discuss the new pricing with someone?

Definitely! We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your experience and how we can support your innovation efforts in the future.

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Can I cancel my subscription if I do not want to continue with the new pricing?

We would understand if you are considering not renewing your current subscription at the new prices. We would be very sad to see you leave, so please contact us in advance for a personal conversation.  

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