August & September 2022 / Updates



  • Filtering capabilities have been improved. You can now find the most important Properties to filter by in the quick-filter panel (1). If you need to filter in more detail for other Properties, or want to filter only for a specific Element type, you can open the advanced filter side panel (2). Here, you will also be able to save filters as Presets.

More Filters

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Embed iFrames in RTE

  • The URL of an Element can now easily be copied from the list view to your clipboard to be shared with another user.


  • An issue was fixed that led to the sharing status of an Element being displayed incorrectly.

  • An issue was fixed that led to the relation widget not being restored when selecting a Preset.

  • An issue was fixed that led to Rich Text Field images not being displayed on the stack in an embeddable.


  • Want to communicate your innovation strategy and initiatives via a public website or on your intranet? You can now do so using the ITONICS Embed, allowing you to embed specific aspects of the ITONICS Innovation OS into any website.



  • An issue was fixed that led to a user not being able to delete a Roadmap for a newly created Organization.