[Beta] Workflow

ITONICS has several features under development available to our users in beta.

What is an ITONICS beta feature?

Beta features are newly developed features available for users to try for a limited time. Users get to try the feature before it is released publically and provide feedback to ensure we deliver the best user experience. 


What is ITONICS Workflow?

Workflows are phase-gate processes that push projects and ideas forward. Manage the development and progress of ideas, projects, programs, or drivers of change in a standardized, repeatable, and transparent manner. The Workflow feature automates the tasks of manually assigning different people and stages for activities or drivers of change.


How do I access this feature? 

Contact us at account_manager@itonics.de to try the feature for free.



Stay updated on upcoming ITONICS features and functionalities by visiting the product announcements section.

If you want to know more, contact support or your account manager.