[Released]: A new Innovation Project element type

Your key to maintaining and optimizing projects effortlessly and staying ahead of your portfolio management.

new Innovation Project element type

What's changing?

ITONICS will introduce a brand-new Innovation Project type. All new clients will have access to the Innovation Project element type automatically.

Existing clients will have to reach out to ITONICS via account_manager@itonics.de to make use of the new Innovation Project template. Once activated by ITONICS,  you can decide in which workspaces you want to enable the new element type. You may need to enable it via the Element Configuration for the workspace that you want to use the new element type in. You can also select it when creating a new workspace. Please refer to this article for details. 

What makes the Innovation Project so powerful?

Comprehensive KPIs: You can enrich this new element type with all the relevant KPIs that modern project and portfolio management requires, such as financial metrics.

Strategic insights: Innovation Projects is not just about executing tasks; it's about realizing your organization's strategic objectives. With integrated strategic information, you can align your projects with your long-term goals seamlessly.

Innovation focus: Track and foster innovative initiatives. This element type will help your teams remain responsive to market changes.

Automated budget and resource calculations: Save time and reduce errors with automatic budget and resource calculations. With Innovation Projects, you can easily manage and optimize your financial and human resources.

How to make use of the new Innovation Project type in combination with the ITONICS Portfolio Reporting List preset

To not start off with an empty Portfolio Reporting List, and to benefit from the newly introduced Innovation Project template in your workspaces, follow these steps 🚀:

Activate the Innovation Project type in your workspace

Be in the workspace where you want to work with Innovation Projects.

  1. Click on your username.
  2. Click on Manage Workspace Elements.
  3. Look for the Innovation Project element type in the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Toggle Activate Element Type to enable the Innovation Project in your workspace.

Copy the Innovation Project demo elements into your workspace

  1. Go to the ITONICS Showroom workspace.
  2. In the Navigation, go to Explorer and select the Innovation Project element type in the navigation.
  3. Check the Select all checkbox on top of the elements.
  4. Click the Smart copy to another workspace button.

 ITONICS Showroom

In the shown modal select the workspace you want the Innovation Projects, in my case I’m going to copy them to my workspace called Innovation Space (1). To start the process, click Copy (2).

Innovation Space

Once done, navigate back to your workspace by selecting it from the workspace picker in the navigation (1) and check out the new List with the Portfolio Reporting preset and the associated ITONICS demo content.

Note: The Portfolio Reporting is a demo preset and edits cannot be saved.

Pro tip: Start by creating an own list via Create List (2).

Portfolio Reporting

More details and articles can be found on the ITONICS Knowledge Base: