[Released] Configurable card colors on the Board

With configurable card colors, you can assign specific colors to element cards based on their priority, status, or any other attribute that is important to your workflow.

Note that this feature will not be automatically available to all subscribers and may be part of a separate ITONICS subscription plan. 

If you would like to test the board feature, please get in touch with us via account_manager@itonics-innovation.com, and we will gladly activate it for you to test for free.

This feature will help you and your team quickly identify which initiatives require immediate attention, which ones are on track, and which ones are completed.

You can easily update the color of a card at any time to reflect its current status. With this added flexibility, you can tailor your Board to your specific needs and ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page.

Maximize your team's efficiency and create transparency with configurable card colors on the Kanban Board. 

Configurable Cards

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