[Released]: Saved Views

In our continuous quest to provide the most intuitive and user-friendly experience, we are excited to announce that data filters will soon be part of saved views, allowing you to save and view in the blink of an eye.

The primary goal of this enhancement is to improve navigation and usability, making the process of creating and updating views as seamless as possible.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Improved saved views: Now, what you see on your screen is exactly what gets saved in your view. 
  • Enhanced user interface: We have revamped the design for a more intuitive experience, allowing you to navigate, apply filters, and save views with ease.
  • Clean and concise URLs for sharing: Say goodbye to long, cumbersome URLs. Our new system generates user-friendly links, making sharing a breeze. 



  • Initial launch: The Board and Matrix tools will have the new data filters as part of Saved Views available first. (Released)
  • Subsequent Rollout: A few weeks following the initial launch, we will extend the feature availability to the Radar, Network Graph, and List tools. 
  • This strategic rollout ensures that each feature receives the attention it deserves for a seamless upgrade.


Additional Note

  • Your saved filters can still be found in the Explorer, so nothing gets lost!


Disclaimer: As with all upcoming product features, this is still subject to change. The entire feature or parts of it might not make it into the final product.