⬆️ How can I configure Idea Stages?

You are able to set up a simple ideation funnel for your organization using Element Configuration. This can be done by defining a number of funnel stages that an idea has to pass through.


🎓 At the very heart of structured ideation processes lies the ideation funnel. An ideation funnel enables you to systematically process and evaluate ideas and find the gold nuggets amongst them. Such a funnel is made up of different stages that represent different process steps or actions e.g., idea submission, evaluating an idea, or enriching it with further information.

In ITONICS, you can use Ideas to leverage your colleagues' creativity and know-how, and allow them to submit their innovation ideas. While the blueprints of Ideas that ITONICS provides have predefined Rating criteria attached to them (see here if you want to know how to change those), Element Configuration allows you to add funnel stages to Ideas.

Two Property Types lend themselves well to their creation:

  • Steps: Use steps if you have relatively few funnel stages with rather short names. They will display on your Element as radio buttons that represents the progression of the idea.
  • Dropdown: If you have many stages in the funnel, it likely makes sense to use a Dropdown instead.

Once you have decided what your ideation funnel should look like, go to Organization Settings (1) > Element Configuration  (2) > Property Configuration (3).

Add a new Property to serve as your ideation funnel (4), and choose a fitting Property type (5).

You will now be able to configure the Property, giving it a name (A) and adding the different stages of the funnel (B, when using Steps, you are able to assign each stage a specific color, as well).

Once you have set up the Property, go to Element Type Configuration and add the funnel stages to the Idea Element type.

Place it at the top of the Element profile, in a Plain group, so it's easily accessible. You can also pin the Funnel Stage to the Element header to highlight it visually.

💡 Pro-tips:  If you have multiple evaluation stages (e.g. a technical, and a business evaluation), you can create multiple rating groups with group names in order to organize your rating criteria by stage. This will also communicate to stakeholders which ratings they should look at.

Use the Advanced Filtering in Explorer to find Ideas in a particular funnel stage in order to evaluate them.

A powerful way to organize Ideas is to use Tags!

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