How can I configure rating criteria?

Use Element Configuration to enable different rating criteria for your Element Types, or to create completely new rating criteria.

Evaluating the content in your platform is integral to successful innovation management and foresight. Whether it is the impact a market trend will have on your Organization, the disruptiveness of a technological change, or the feasibility of an idea or initiative.
The ITONICS Software comes with blueprints for Element Types (such as Trends, Technologies, or Ideas) that include rating criteria. However, your individual rating criteria may depend on your unique innovation management process and your innovation objectives.
With Element Configuration, you have that freedom!

Configuring Rating type Properties

To define your own ratings, nagivate to the Organization Settings (1) > Element Configuration (2) > Property Configuration (3).

Here, you can add a Property (4), choosing either the type Rating or Numerical Rating (5).

The Rating type allows you to define discrete options on the rating scale e.g., Low, Medium, High. This can be used when the evaluation is a bit more qualitative, or the values aren't necessarily spaced evenly on the scale. When multiple users apply a rating, we will round the average to the next full value which will be shown in visualizations. 

Choosing the type Numerical Rating allows you to define a minimum and maximum numeric value that can be chosen on the rating slider. For numerical ratings, we do not round the average of the users' ratings.

⚠️Numerical Ratings are currently not as widely supported in the Portfolio visualization as their regular counterparts. We are working on addressing that.

For detailed information about the different Property types and how to set them up, also check out this article. 

Adding the ratings to your Element Types

Now head to the Element Type Configuration to add the rating criteria you just defined to one or more of your Element Types.

You can either create a new Rating type group (A) or use an existing one. Choose the ratings you want to add from the dropdown (B).

You can rearrange rating criteria by dragging and dropping, and hide the ones you don't want to use anymore by clicking on the eye-icon.

Once you are happy with your rating setup, hit Save Changes. You can now head to Explorer and start rating!

💡 For ideation especially, it can make sense to create several Rating type groups for your Elements, and specify names for those groups. This allows you to give context to a set of rating criteria, and target it towards a particular group of people in your company.

You could, for example, create a rating group for Business Assessment with several business-related rating criteria, and one for Technical Assessment for a more technology-focused evaluation. Different stakeholders in the company will now have a much clearer picture of where they can contribute.    


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