Explorer Views

The Explorer module offers four different views on your content. Each one of them allows you to look at the Elements, their priorities, and relations in different ways.

The Explorer module offers several viewing options which can be reached via the buttons on the upper right, next to "Advanced Filtering": 

Trend radar - explorer views


The Grid view enables you to quickly scan Elements in the Workspace, by default showing you those Elements first that have been updated last. It is your bread-and-butter view to interact with recent content and perform actions on multiple Elements at once.

  • Cards: You can display Elements as cards, showing basic information and the header image.
  • List: For a more succinct view, choose the list of Elements, instead.


The Radar allows you to visualize the importance of Elements such as Trends or Technologies, so you can decide what you and your business should look into.

Have a look at the following introduction videos, or read more about the Radar here.


The Matrix visualization allows you to quickly categorize Element such as Ideas or Opportunities by placing them on a grid. Use these zones of the Matrix to derive actions.

Click here for more information on the Matrix visualization.

Coming Soon: Network Graph

You will soon be able to see in detail how your content is interconnected using a network graph visualization in order to identify which Elements, such as Technologies, might synergize, or to visualize Elements that seem disconnected.