Filter Elements by their relations

To explore all relations of an Element, you can use the Related to filter in the advanced filters.

Example: You identified Advanced Branding as a potential investment Opportunity and now want to explore all related Trends to that specific Opportunity on the Radar. This will help you to get an overview of the current status of that Opportunity.

  1. Navigate to the Trend Radar.
  2. Open the advanced filtering side panel.
  3. In the Element Type dropdown, Trend is already selected. (see 1 below)
  4. In the General Filters section (see 2 below), search for the required Element in the Related to filter. (see 3 below)

Filter Element by their Relations

The Radar will now only show Trends that are related to the selected Element, in this case the Opportunity Advanced Branding. This works in all other Explorer views, as well.