Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering functionality is accessible across all Explorer views from the advanced filtering side panel that opens from the quick filtering panel.

We have placed the most important Properties to filter by in the quick filter panel which can be toggled from the Explorer header (see 1 below). If you need to filter in more detail for other Properties or want to filter only a specific Element type, you can open the advanced filter side panel (see 2 below). Here, you will also be able to save filters as Presets.

Example: You want to only show Trends on your Radar that have a value of Mature for Adoption Stage.

  1. Navigate to the Trend Radar (or any Radar view based on Trends).
  2. Open the advanced filtering side panel.
  3. In the Element Type dropdown, Trend is already selected. For other filtering cases, you need to select an Element Type here. 
  4. From the Property dropdown, choose the Adoption Stage Property.
  5. In the dropdown that appears below, select the value you want to filter for, in this case Mature.

The Radar will now only show mature Trends. This works in all other Explorer views, as well, of course.

Save Filter as Preset

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can save any filter you have created as a Preset for yourself and others in the Workspace.

In the advanced filtering side panel, simply click on the Save Filter button (see 6 above), add a name for your filter in the dialog box, and confirm with Save.

The filter Preset will now be displayed at the top of the side panel.