Fri, 4 Jun 2021 / Explorer & Rating Improvements


  • The aggregate static used on regular ratings is now the rounded mean and no longer the median, as this was leading to rather unexpected results. As a quick illustration:
    • A rating has the following values: Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High
    • Two users have rated: Very Low, Very High
    • In the past, this would have resulted in a "Very Low" aggregate.
    • Now, it will result in a "Medium" aggregate.
  • Several cases where bulk copying would not work as expected were addressed.
  • An issue in element search that didn't allow users to search for special characters such as German umlauts has been addressed.


  • The segmentation in Radar now correctly reflect the order of the property being used, in clockwise direction.
  • We have improved the performance of the Radar. It now runs smoother and loads faster. At the same time, we have changed the maximum number of elements on the Radar to 125.
  • We have removed the combined Technology & Trend Radar from our Radar blueprints, as it wasn't widely used. You can, of course, configure your own and save your own Radar view that combines multiple Element types such as Trends and Technologies.


  • An issue where activities on the Roadmap would not be properly displayed was resolved.