⚡ Introducing Facts

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out a new type of content to the ITONICS Cloud: Facts.

Facts will represent knowledge that ITONICS has automatically gathered and stored in our data lake, and will include Companies, Startups, Technologies and Products. Facts will be available for discovery and perusal, but cannot be changed. In order to make use of Facts, you will be able to transform them into Elements, enabling you to rate, relate and visualize them.  

Facts will be part of the Insights modules similar to Signals, and will be highly connected with each other, and with Signals that mention them. In Insights, you will be able to filter Signals by Facts, and see top Facts for your search field.   

Feel free to reach out to us at support@itonics.io if you have any questions or input.

Disclaimer: As with all upcoming product features, this is still subject to change. The entire feature or parts of it might not make it into the final product.