January & February 2023 / Updates



The ITONICS Board features have been advanced. You can now assign specific colors to element cards on the Board, e.g., based on their priority or status, helping your team to quickly identify which initiatives require immediate attention, which ones are on track, and which ones are completed.



Advanced Commenting

When commenting on elements, users are now able to both upload images and make use of various advanced formatting options, such as numbered- and bulleted lists, hyperlinks, etc. This will help to increase the readability of comments and improve collaboration and engagement on elements by enabling users to better draw attention to key points.

Duplicate Detector

The Duplicate Detector is designed to prevent you from producing duplicate content before you add it to your ITONICS system. It ensures more efficient and organized content within your workspace and is most beneficial if you have a lot of elements to manage, e.g., during an ideation campaign.


  • An issue was fixed that led to the settings icon for the workspace settings being hidden for the workspace admin role.
  • An issue was fixed that allowed a user without edit permissions to add tags to an element.
  • An issue was fixed that prevented a user from re-uploading an image to an element open in the stack.
  • An issue was fixed that led to the content import into a new workspace not working correctly.
  • An issue was fixed that led to the Unsaved Changes pop-up being shown repeatedly, even though confirmed already.
  • An issue was fixed that led to a user being redirected to the Explorer page instead of remaining on the element detail page after deleting an element from the stack view.
  • An issue was fixed that led to the Import Content pop-up re-appearing when trying to switch workspaces.
  • An issue was fixed that led to a deleted element stack view not being closed after successful deletion.


The element type filter has been improved. You can now easily bulk select, and clear all available element types using the SELECT ALL or CLEAR ALL buttons via the Select Options filter dropdown in the Explorer.




  • An issue was fixed that led to the Copy URL to clipboard hyperlink mistakenly being displayed in the Embed.

Network Graph


  • An issue was fixed that led to a tooltip on the Network Graph being displayed incorrectly.


Notifications help to keep users engaged by providing them with timely and relevant information. With Notifications, users will now be kept up to date on changes involving element status, comments/mentioning, user assignment, and ratings.


Roles and permissions in the ITONICS Innovation OS are changing. These changes are necessary as ITONICS plans to introduce a feature granting Administrators the possibility to configure permissions for specific roles, and further introduce more granular permissions on element type level. This will provide users with even more powerful access controls and configuration capabilities.



  • An issue was fixed that led to the user being redirected to the Roadmap homepage if deleting an element opened in the stack on the Roadmap.