January & February 2024 / Updates

Saved Views

Data filters are now a part of saved views, allowing you to save and view in the blink of an eye. Now, what you see on your screen is exactly what gets saved in your view. Available on Radar, Matrix, Boards, Network Graph and Lists. 

Enhanced Mobile Navigation

Significant upgrades to our mobile navigation, designed to make your mobile experience more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable.

Board Improvement

Enhanced functionality and usability with the latest UX/UI enhancements in the Boards tool enable a more user-friendly and efficient experience with horizontal drag-and-drop card placement. Easily organize information by adding multiple labels to cards, allowing for quick access to key details at a glance. Optimize space with collapsible rows and columns, perfect for managing large boards and focusing on specific sections effortlessly.

Board Improvement





We fixed an issue where the list of all elements would reset after rating multiple elements concurrently.


We fixed an issue where in the Recommended Relations widget failed to display its fields, appearing as an empty group.


We fixed an issue related to Radar segmentation. When users selected multiple element types in the configuration panel and then switched to only one element type, the segmentation options failed to update. This issue has now been resolved.


We fixed an issue where the country visualization was not properly functioning in Insights. 


We fixed an issue where some customers saw the incorrect billing information on their subscription pages. The correct information is now displayed.