June & July 2022 / Updates



  • You can now easily share the URL of a single Element by simply adding it to your clipboard.

  • Looking at an interesting Element in the ITONICS Showroom and want to copy it to your own Workspace? You can now do so straight from the Element profile instead of finding it in the Explorer grid to select and copy it.

  • Mention Elements easily in rich text properties. You can now use # to get a suggestion of Elements to reference in rich text properties. 
  • Filter presets can now be selected from the bookmark-icon (A below) in the Explorer header. 

    Radar_Preset (1)



  • Issues with copying large amounts of Elements have now been fixed. You can copy Elements using Bulk copy. 
  • An issue was fixed that led to unsaved changes in the Rich Text Editor of an Element not being displayed properly in certain cases.
  • An issue was fixed that led to user profile images not being shown in the Comment section of an Element. 


User Roles


  • Inviting users to your workspace is now even easier! Enhance the quality and potential of innovation efforts with collaboration. 



You can now easily block Signals that you do not want to see in your Signals feed. You now have the option to block Signals that are low quality or irrelevant to your topic.