Manage and delete user ratings

Managing and deleting old or irrelevant user ratings helps maintain data consistency and accuracy over time.

To access the overview and manage ratings and rating criteria per element, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the element to which the ratings belong that you want to manage or delete.
  2. Next to each rating criteria, you find an icon with an indication of how many users have rated each rating criteria (1). Clicking on the icon will open a modal.
  3. Within the modal, you see a table of users who have rated the specific rating criteria (2).
  4. For users you want to remove the rating for, check the checkbox next to the user names. You can select multiple at the same time (3). If you want to remove a single rating, you can also use the trash can icon at the end of each table row (4).
  5. Click on the Delete Ratings button below the table (5).
  6. Confirm with Delete Ratings in the shown confirmation modal (6).

Note: This functionality is only available to workspace admins and organization admins. In the future, this will be adjustable by using the permission configuration engine (coming soon).