March & April 2022 / Updates


  • Initial loading times of the Explorer applications have been substantially reduced. Please always let us know if you encounter long loading times, so we can continuously improve our offering.
  • As announced, storing unsaved changes to rich text fields on Elements is now locally saved on your device. If you accidentally close the window, for example, those unsaved changes will be waiting for you when you return. 
    ⚠️ Note that the changes will not be available when opening the page on a different device or after clearing your local storage.
  • As announced, after copying Elements that already have Ratings from one Workspace to another, those Ratings will now be displayed marked as initial copied Ratings.


  • When adding Tags or Ratings to an Element in quick succession, the latest changes would sometimes not be applied. This interaction has been improved, and communication was added to warn the user of unsaved changes.  
  • An issue was fixed that led to Element attachments not being displayed properly in certain cases.
  • In the Matrix visualization, the same warning message would be shown several times. This issue has been resolved.
  • The issue around Tags not being properly copied in certain cases (captured here) has been resolved. When forcing updates while copying, Tags are now copied as expected.


  • When opening a Signal that you or your colleagues have already created an Element from, there is now a link to that Element.



  • Clicking on the pen icon on an entry in the Workspace list in the Organization settings will now correctly redirect to the chosen Workspace's settings.